Paint your first oil painting in 3 hours! You will try the oil paints and learn how to apply the oil paints on the canvas, how to work with palet knife and brush and achieve different effects. You will make a painting you will be proud of, which you could give away or present to friends.

How does the Art Party work?


You choose a motive from around 50 motives available im studio and draw them with oil paint. 

Painting ideas


It could be painted a picture of motive below or we have in the studio additionally about 50 painting ideas from which you could also choose something. Everyone freely chooses a picture that should be painted.


Duration: about 3 hours

Start: Wednesday from 7 to 10 pm

Number of participants: up to 6 people

Participants: everyone, the experience or previous knowledge is not necessary

Materials: canvas 30x40, brushes 

Transport: The painting could be taken home immediately and will be packaged for transport. Alternatively, it could remain in the studio and be picked up later.


Price: 80 EUR (incl. all materials and drinks (coffee, tea, water, wine))

Why visit Art Party?


New impressions


Try the oil paints, you will surely succeed.

Free time and creativity


 Get two pleasures at once: drinks and art!



Meet new people or get to know your friends and colleagues from a new angle.

Memorial work


Create an painting with your own hands, so that for a long time will decorate your home and please you and your loved ones.



Art Party

Wed.19 Juni

19-22 p.m.