MANGA WORKSHOP 8-99 Years old

How does the manga workshop work? 


 On the first day, a Manga Character will be drawn with pencil and specifics of the Head drawing and Manga Character are discussed.

On the second day, the drawing will be transferred to the marker paper, fine lined and then colored with markers.



 We have about 50 manga characters in the studio, or you can bring a photo with a manga character that you wanted to paint with you.



 Duration: 2 times 2 hours each (4 hours in total)

Start: Saturday and Sunday from 10 to 12 a.m.

Number of participants: up to 6 people

Participants: everyone, experience or previous knowledge is not necessary

Materials: markers, paper, fine liners 


Price: 70 EUR per workshop (incl. materials and drinks (tea, water))




Manga Workshop

Sat. 24 August - Sun. 25 August

10-12 a.m.

Manga Workshop

Sat. 7 September -Sun. 8 September

10-12 a.m.

Manga Workshop

Sat. 2 November -Sun. 3 November

10-12 a.m.