Are you planning a TEAM EVENT or TEAM BUILDING?

 Would you like to improve the team spirit and cohesion in the team and promote communication among each other?



Are you planning a hen party?-Birthday party?-Christmas party? 

In a relaxed and beautiful ambiance everyone will try themselves as an artist and draw their own picture. 

You can do that in my studio. Please send me your desired date via e-mail.

What you need?


You don't need to have experience in drawing / painting! Anyone can do it!


We make the process and the result brilliant!

Details (Events in Studio)


Space: the whole studio will be made available to the team

Service: under the introduction, each participant will create a picture step-by-step and will be supervised by one or two artists

Artists: from 8 people, 2 artists would have to be booked

Painting technique: we offer:  Art Party with oil paints, Manga Workshop, Resin Art or Fluid Art

Transport: The painting could be taken home immediately and will be packaged for transport. Alternatively, it could stay in the studio and be picked up later

Please note: For Art Party with oil paints or Manga Workshop (immediate take home), Resin Art or Fluid Art (no immediate take home possible)

Number of participants: from 3 to 13 persons

Price upon request


Details (Events outside the Studio)

Space: we will be happy to come to you, please send us an inquiry

Service: under the introduction each participant will create a painting step-by-step and will be supervised by two artists 

Painting technique: Art Party with oil paints

Number of participants: from 14 persons

Price on request



Folgen Sie uns bei:

Artstudio FFM

Fichardstr. 38

60322 Frankfurt am Main


Tel: +49 179 43 23 227




Mo. 19 - 23 Uhr

Di. geschlossen

Mi. 19 - 23 Uhr

Do. geschlossen

Fr. 18 - 21 Uhr

Sa.-So. 10 - 21 Uhr

Das Studio befindet sich im beliebten westlichen Nordend und ist über den Bornwiesenweg, wie auch über die Fichardstraße zugänglich.


Öffentliche Verkehrsmittel:

(U1/U2/U3/U8/U9) - U-Bahn Station Grüneburgweg  + 3 min zur Fuss oder

(U5) - U-Bahn Station Musterschule  + 10 min zur Fuss oder

(Buslinie 36) - Bornwiesenweg oder Adlerfluchtplatz + 1 min zur Fuss



Unter die Woche ab 18:30 Uhr und am Wochenende den ganzen Tag sind  zwei kostenlose Parkplätze im Hof (Einfahrt über Bornwiesenweg) vorhanden, abis 18 Uhr sind unter die Woche ausreichend bezahlbare Parkplätze (Mo. - Fr. von 7:30 bis 19:00 Uhr - je 0,50 cent pro 15 min bzw. 2 EUR pro stunde) vorhanden.


Am Wochenende sind die Parkplätze kostenlos und ausreichend vorhanden.